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Prior to the discovery of the celebrated orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), multicarrier techniques that use analog filter banks were introduced in the 1960s. Moreover, advancements in the design of perfect reconstruction filter banks have led to a number developments in the design of prototype digital filters and polyphase structures for(More)
The development and persistence of personality in nature are counterintuitive because, in heterogeneous environments, personality is expected to limit the degree of behavioural flexibility. Recent work has shown that personality and behavioural flexibility might be linked, but their interaction is not well understood and could be elucidated by studying a(More)
Personality in free-living individuals has predominantly been measured under standardized laboratory conditions. Such measurements have been then linked to life-history traits, fitness and survival. Yet, it remains unclear how such personality measurements reflect the variation shown by free-living individuals, if the same measurements were taken directly(More)
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