Chung-Haw Chang

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A k-container C(u,v) of a graph G is a set of k disjoint paths joining u to v. A k-container C(u,v) is a k∗-container if every vertex of G is incident with a path in C(u,v). A bipartite graph G is k∗-laceable if there exists a k∗-container between any two vertices u, v from different partite set of G. A bipartite graph G with connectivity k is super(More)
Let n be a positive integer with n> 2. The trivalent Cayley interconnection network, denoted by TCIN(n), is proposed by Vadapalli and Srimani (1995). Later, Vadapalli and Srimani (1996) claimed that the diameter of TCIN(n) is 2n − 1. In this paper, we argue that the above claim is not correct. Instead, we show that the diameter of TCIN(n) is 2n− 1 only for(More)
It is known that if f is a multiplicative increasing function on N, then either f(n) = 0 for all n∈N or f(n) = n for some ¿0. It is very natural to ask if there are similar results in other algebraic systems. In this paper, we 1rst study the multiplicative increasing functions over nonnegative square matrices with respect to tensor product and then restrict(More)
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