Chung-Hao Tsai

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A wideband and compact filter design for common-mode noise suppression in high-speed differential signals is proposed based on two U-shaped and one H-shaped coupled patterned ground structure. An equivalent model of three coupled LC resonators to predict the common-mode suppression characteristics is also developed with good agreement to the full-wave(More)
A novel wideband and miniaturized common-mode noise suppression filter is proposed based on the concept of an effective negative-permittivity metamaterial (MM) transmission line (TL). The propagation properties for the odd and even modes in the proposed structure are derived from the TL theory and Bloch theorem. Two- and four-port equivalent-circuit models(More)
A novel miniaturized forward-wave directional coupler with periodical mushroom-shaped ground plane is proposed. The coupler can be designed with identical characteristic impedances for even and odd mode and enhanced the difference of propagation constants between the even and odd mode. These distinct propagation characteristics can be predicted by the(More)
A new common-mode bandstop filter (CM-BSF) with an all-pass performance (from dc to 9 GHz) for differential signals is proposed by using a C-shaped patterned ground structure (PGS) with meandered signal lines on a two-layer printed circuit board (PCB). This technique can successfully generate two close transmission zeros in common-mode within the(More)
Static timing analysis has always been indispensable in integrated circuit design. In order to consider design and electrical complexities (e.g., crosstalk coupling, voltage drops) as well as manufacturing and environmental variations, timing analysis is typically done using an “early-late” split. The early-late split timing analysis enables(More)
A broadband and miniaturized balun is proposed using the artificial coupled line with the imaginary even-mode impedance. The artificial coupled line is a metamaterial transmission line with zero electrical length for the even-mode excitation, whereas it behaves like a TEM transmission line with approximately constant characteristic impedance for the(More)
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