Chung Hae Park

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Substitutional hydrogen at oxygen site (HO) is well-known to be a robust source of n-type conductivity in ZnO, but a puzzling aspect is that the doping limit by hydrogen is only about 10(18) cm(-3), even if solubility limit is much higher. Another puzzling aspect of ZnO is persistent photoconductivity, which prevents the wide applications of the ZnO-based(More)
We propose modeling and simulation of the void formation and the tow saturation in liquid composite molding processes. The present model addresses the void formations in the macropore between fiber tows as well as in the micropore inside fiber tows. We also consider the bubble compression and tow saturation after voids are formed at the flow front. Finally,(More)
We have made the first direct symmetry tests in the decays of polarized Z0 bosons into fully identified bbg states, collected in the SLD experiment at SLAC. We searched for evidence of parity violation at the bbg vertex by studying the asymmetries in the b-quark polar- and azimuthal-angle distributions, and for evidence of T-odd, CP-even or CP-odd,(More)
Citation: Park CH and Krawczak P (2015) Unsaturated and saturated permeabilities of fiber reinforcement: critics and suggestions. In general, permeability measurement results show a strong scattering according to the measurement method, the type of test fluid and the fluid injection condition, even though permeability is regarded as a unique property of(More)
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