Chung Hae Park

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We propose modeling and simulation of the void formation and the tow saturation in liquid composite molding processes. The present model addresses the void formations in the macropore between fiber tows as well as in the micropore inside fiber tows. We also consider the bubble compression and tow saturation after voids are formed at the flow front. Finally,(More)
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of Canada wildrye (Elymus canadensis L.) from tissue culture was investigated by culturing immature embryos and inflorescences on MS medium containing 2 mg/l 2,4-D. The optimum size of explants for maximum embryogenic callus formation was 1.0 to 1.5 mm for embryos and 4 to 6 cm for inflorescences. Plant(More)
Intergeneric hybrids recovered through plant regeneration from embryo callus culture and their colchicine-induced amphiploids were obtained from a cross of Elymus canadensis with Secale cereale (cv 'Gazeller'). The embryo-callus-regenerated F1 plants grew vigorously to maturity and regrew well after clipping, while the embryo-rescued F1 died of hybrid(More)
Citation: Park CH and Krawczak P (2015) Unsaturated and saturated permeabilities of fiber reinforcement: critics and suggestions. In general, permeability measurement results show a strong scattering according to the measurement method, the type of test fluid and the fluid injection condition, even though permeability is regarded as a unique property of(More)
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