Chung-Chi Shen

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Perceived ease of use is found to affect consumer’s intention toward using an Internet-based service. However, to protect online transaction security, more security verification mechanisms are established which in turn increase the complexity and difficulty of using online services. This study proposed that the importance of perceived ease of use is(More)
The high tech industry has played a critical role in the economic growth of Taiwan over the past two decades. The main success factor in the high tech industry is posited to be improving R&D efficiency and performance. This study utilizes an empirical study to provide valuable managerial insights when measuring the impact of R&D activities and performance(More)
User friendly is crucial to a system success, but online transaction security has also come under recent alarm. The perceived risk issue may deter the consumerspsila adoption. To ensure online transaction security, a robust security mechanism is necessary, but this may also increase the complexity of using the online service. The present research explored(More)
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