Chung-Che Yu

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What could or should your car be saying about you to other cars or other people on the road? In this paper, we present some preliminary results from a multi-state in-vehicle driver monitoring system and position it with respect to our work in M2M communication. We propose to improve our current motion object tracking algorithm with the addition of a driver(More)
While navigation could be done using existing rule-based approaches, it becomes more attractive to use learning from demonstration (LfD) approaches to ease the burden of tedious rule designing and parameter tuning procedures. In our previous work, navigation in simple dynamic environments is achieved using the Learning to Search (LEARCH) algorithm with a(More)
— The NTU-PAL1 and NTU-PAL2 robots for the elderly are introduced in this paper. The emphasis of NTU-PAL1 is offering increased mobility for elderly people who are less-mobile. NTU-PAL2, an emotional expressive robot, is used to stimulate interaction, to supply relaxed companionship and to fulfill a sense of affection for senior citizens staying alone. The(More)
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