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The Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) is an interdepartmental laboratory for research and education in systems, communication, networks, optimization, control, and statistical signal processing. While maintaining roots in fundamental research related to information science, lab members have initiated work on system architectures and(More)
A robust lesion segmentation method is critical for quantification of lesion activity in positron emission tomography (PET), especially for the cases where lesion boundary is not discernible in the corresponding computed tomography (CT). However, lesion delineation in PET is a challenging task, especially for small lesions, due to the low intrinsic(More)
—Alice wishes to potentially communicate covertly with Bob over a Binary Symmetric Channel while Willie the wiretapper listens in over a channel that is noisier than Bob's. We show that Alice can send her messages reliably to Bob while ensuring that even whether or not she is actively communicating is (a) deniable to Willie, and (b) optionally, her message(More)
We propose a spatially-variant anisotropic median-diffusion filter prior aided by anatomical knowledge for PET reconstruction. The anisotropic median-diffusion filter is applied locally to an anatomical region which is defined from a co-registered CT image. The individually smoothed regions are then combined to form a prior term in the minimum cross-entropy(More)