Chung C. Chang

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Fault diagnosis using structural knowledge, namely, the signed directed graph (SDG), is presented. A design procedure is proposed to overcome several problems associated with the SDG: (1) it produces spurious (multiple) interpretations and (2) it may delete the true interpretation when the process variable is going through nonsingle transition (this is(More)
This study employs the framework of web services in conjunction with Bayesian theorem to construct a web-services-based medical decision support system for diagnosis. The purpose is to help users (physicians) with issues pertinent to medical diagnosis decisions. Users through the system key in available prior probability and through computation based on(More)
The information technology has experienced breakthroughs in recent years. Enterprises have begun to introduce information systems to help with business operations. Constantly or even perennially in use, high-tech computer equipments are showing hardware abnormalities or malfunctions on a regular basis. In view of the issue, this study utilizes a(More)
Data mining has been widely applied in many fields. However, few applications at present apply it to house trading and matching. This paper is to present one of the techniques of data mining called the nearest neighbour algorithm as well as XML technology to build a Web-based house trading and matching system. The nearest neighbour algorithm is a pragmatic(More)
Considering the rapid progress of information technology (IT) and volatility of the marketing environment, the past concept that enterprises run the whole show, has become insufficient in an environment so volatile, challenging and competitive, demonstrating the need of up and downstream supply chain cooperation to survive. Following the maturity of(More)