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Recent advances in coumarins and 1-azacoumarins as versatile biodynamic agents.
The present review addresses the potential roles of coumarins and carbostyrils as protease inhibitors, or fluorescent probes in mechanistic investigation of biochemical pathways, and their application for QSAR in theoretical studies. Expand
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel angularly fused polycyclic coumarins.
An array of angularly fused polycyclic heterocycles with coumarin, benzofuran and pyridine rings were synthesized from 4-bromomethylcoumarins and salicylonitrile, and several compounds exhibited promising inflammation inhibiting and anti-microbial properties. Expand
Andrographolide downregulates the v-Src and Bcr-Abl oncoproteins and induces Hsp90 cleavage in the ROS-dependent suppression of cancer malignancy.
A novel mechanism by which andrographolide suppressed cancer malignancy that involved inhibiting Hsp90 function and reducing the levels of Hsp 90 client proteins is demonstrated. Expand
Liquid-phase combinatorial reaction monitoring by conventional 1H NMR spectroscopy
Abstract The application of 1 H NMR spectroscopy for complete analysis of soluble polymer-supported reactions is described. This conventional analytical technique enables us to determine the extentExpand
Vehicle To Roadside Communications Study
The objective of this study is to address the communication system design issues of Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS). The focus of Phase I of this research is the design for CaliforniaExpand
New and efficient approaches to the semisynthesis of taxol and its C-13 side chain analogs by means of β-lactam synthon method
Abstract Highly efficient chiral ester enolate-imine condensation giving 3-hydroxy-4-aryl-β-lactams with excellent enantiomeric purity is successfully applied to the asymmetric synthesis of theExpand
Microwave-assisted enzyme-catalyzed reactions in various solvent systems
Observations suggest that acetonitrile does not deactivate the enzyme during the irradiation period; in contrast, methanol does deactivate it. Expand
Syntheses of new fluorine-containing taxoids by means of β-Lactam Synthon Method
Abstract A series of new fluorine-containing analogs of paclitaxel and docetaxel are synthesized using the coupling of (3R,4S)-1-acyl-β-lactams with high enantiomeric purity with properly protectedExpand
A highly efficient route to taxotere by the β-Lactam Synthon Method
Taxotere, a highly promising anticancer drug, is synthesized through an efficient coupling of 7,10-diTroc-10-deacetylbaccatin III with enantiomerically pure (3R,4S)-1-tBOC-3-EEO-Expand
Synthesis and preclinical evaluations of 2-(2-fluorophenyl)-6,7-methylenedioxyquinolin-4-one monosodium phosphate (CHM-1-P-Na) as a potent antitumor agent.
Compound 4 was rapidly converted into 1 following iv and po administration and also possessed excellent antitumor activity in a SKOV-3 xenograft nude mice model and is highly promising for development as an anticancer clinical trials candidate. Expand