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In recent years, more and more studies focus on the roles of genes or miRNAs in stroke. However, the molecular mechanism connecting miRNAs and their targetgenes remains unclear. The aim of this study was to determine the differential regulation and correlations between miRNAs and their targetgenes in human stroke. Stroke-related miRNAs were obtained from(More)
This paper deals with modeling and simulation of SVC in IEEE 14 bus System with Induction Motor load for avoiding voltage sag. Single phase to ground fault is applied in predominant Induction motor load bus for voltage sag analysis. The effect of reactive power compensation to prevent sag has been analyzed with and without SVC. Simulations of the SVC were(More)
In this paper, a novel approach to non-rigid moving object detection under varying chromatic illumination is proposed. Different from most algorithms that utilize color information, the assumption of smooth or global change of illumination is no longer needed. Our method is based on the observation that the color appearance of objects may alter as the(More)
In this paper, we introduce a framework of human pose estimation from polluted silhouettes due to occlusions or shadows. Since the body pose (and configuration) can be estimated by partial components of the silhouette, a robust statistical method is applied to extract useful information from these components. In this method a Gaussian Process model is used(More)
Wireless sensor networks may be used in the explosion environment, such as underground tunnel in coal mine. In order to assure sensor node work normally, the power of a sensor node must be intrinsic safe. The intrinsic safe power of a sensor node, which consists of power supply module and intrinsic safe protection module, is developed. The power supply(More)
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