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This paper proposes a scheme for systematically estimating fingerprint ridge orientation and segmenting fingerprint image by means of evaluating the correctness of the ridge orientation based on neural network. The neural network is used to learn the correctness of the estimated orientation by gradient-based method. The trained network is able to(More)
Quality estimation of fingerprint image can be used to control image quality at the enrollment stage of automatic recognition system and guide the enhancement of fingerprint image. This paper proposes a neural network based fingerprint image quality estimation method. It estimates the correctness of ridge orientation of each local image block using neural(More)
A biometric system usually contains two stages: registration and authentication. Most biometric systems capture multiple samples of the same biometric trait at registration. As a result, it is essential to select several samples as templates. This paper proposes two algorithms maximum match scores (MMS) and greedy maximum match scores (GMMS) based on match(More)
A robust fingerprint segmentation technique using adaptive threshold after Log-Gabor filtering and orientation reliability is proposed. The Log-Gabor filter turns the non-ridge areas of fingerprint image dark, but makes the ridge areas brighter than non-ridge areas. The gray features of filtered image are robust in spite of different gray features in(More)
A minutiae relationship representation and matching method based on curve coordinate system is proposed. For each minutia, a curve coordinate system is established, and the coordinates of other minutiae in this coordinate system is computed. Thus, the coordinate relationship between each pair of minutiae can be evaluated. These relationships are used for(More)
Orientation field is a very useful global feature in Auto Fingerprint Identification Systems. It describes the basic shape, structure and direction of a fingerprint. Orientation-based fingerprint descriptor is independent of other minutiae; hence, it is robust to either spurious minutiae producing or genuine minutiae missing in minutiae detection(More)