Chunfeng Cui

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With the maturity and wider deployment of fourth generation (4G) networks, future 5G technologies have become a research focus. As industrial progress accelerates, some achievements have been presented [1, 5]. Several white papers have been published by various organizations such as Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN), IMT-2020, Mobile and Wireless(More)
Coordinated Multi-Point transmission/reception (CoMP) is one of the candidate techniques for LTE-Advanced systems to increase the cell average and cell edge user throughput in both uplink and downlink. This paper presents uplink CoMP-MU-MIMO scheme and the corresponding system level performance evaluation which shows that the uplink CoMP-MU-MIMO joint(More)
The analytic connectivity, proposed as a substitute of the algebraic connectivity in the setting of hypergraphs, is an important quantity in spectral hypergraph theory. The definition of the analytic connectivity for a uniform hypergraph involves a series of polynomial optimization problems (POPs) associated with the Laplacian tensor of the hypergraph with(More)
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