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A New Extension of Generalized Exponential Distribution with Application to Ozone Data
ABSTRACT In this article, a new distribution, called transformed Generalized Exponential Distribution () is proposed. The distribution has simple closed forms pdf and cdf. Several properties of theExpand
Nonparametric Bayesian Analysis for Masked Data From Hybrid Systems in Accelerated Lifetime Tests
Under constant stress accelerated test, the masked data from hybrid systems including series–parallel system and parallel–series system is analyzed and the nonparametric Bayesian approach is also applicable for the complex system with s-independent components. Expand
Statistical inference for competing risks model in step-stress partially accelerated life tests with progressively Type-I hybrid censored Weibull life data
The maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation under the progressively Type-I hybrid censored Weibull life data and a simulation study is carried out to present simulated results and compare maximum likelihood estimates with Bayesian estimates, concluded thatBayesian estimation performs better. Expand
Statistical analysis of dependent competing risks model in accelerated life testing under progressively hybrid censoring using copula function
The maximum likelihood estimates, the approximate, and Bootstrap confidence intervals of the parameters of the dependent competing risks model from Weibull distribution in accelerated life testing, in which copula function is used to examine the dependence structure between competing failure modes are derived. Expand
Comparisons of Methods of Estimation for the NH Distribution
The extended exponential distribution due to Nadarajah and Haghighi (Stat J Theor Appl Stat 45(6):543–558, 2011) is an alternative and always provides better fits than the gamma, Weibull and theExpand
Analysis of Weibull Distribution Under Adaptive Type-II Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme
This paper is an effort to obtain the maximum likelihood and the Bayes estimators for the unknown parameters of the Weibull distribution based on adaptive type-II progressive hybrid censoring scheme.Expand
Geometry of an accelerated model with censored data
The geometrical quantities of a statistical model equipped with k-step-stress accelerated life test and progressively Type-II censoring are obtained, where censoring is allowed not only at each stress change time but also at each failure time. Expand
Inference for Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Tests With Dependent Competing Risks From Bivariate Birnbaum–Saunders Distribution Based on Adaptive Progressively Hybrid Censoring
This paper considers a dependent competing risks model using bivariate Birnbaum–Saunders distribution in constant-stress accelerated life testing using the adaptive progressively hybrid censoring scheme and obtains the maximum-likelihood estimators, approximate confidence intervals, and bootstrap confidence intervals of unknown parameters. Expand
Estimation of the extended Weibull parameters and acceleration factors in the step-stress accelerated life tests under an adaptive progressively hybrid censoring data
ABSTRACT Based on the tampered failure rate model under the adaptive Type-II progressively hybrid censoring data, we discuss the maximum likelihood estimators of the unknown parameters andExpand