Chunchuan Yang

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We present a transmission-mode confocal laser scanning microscope system based on the use of second-harmonic generation (SHG) for signal detection. Our method exploits the quadratic intensity dependence of SHG to preferentially reveal unscattered signal light and reject out-of-focus scattered background. The SHG crystal acts as a virtual pinhole that(More)
High-quality SiNx films with controllable low stress and low optical loss are deposited at ultra-low temperature (75 °C) using inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition (ICP-CVD). Two kinds of integrated photonic structures have been demonstrated that exemplify its viability as a photonic integration platform. A microcavity consists of two(More)
Diamond is a promising platform for quantum information technologies (QITs) mainly due to the properties of color centers including spin read-out, magnetic field sensing, and entanglement between different nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. High photon collection efficiency is essential for a high fidelity optical single-shot readout of electronic spin in the(More)
The chip-fiber grating coupler is a fundamental building block in integrated photonics, providing convenient on-wafer testing and packaging. Couplers based on a silicon nitride (SiNx) material platform can achieve wider bandwidths than silicon-based couplers, but suffer from lower efficiency due to the relative low material refractive index. The efficiency(More)
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