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The Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Actions of Cordyceps sinensis
Many bioactive components of Cordyceps sinensis have been extracted including nucleoside, polysaccharide, sterol, protein, amino acid, and polypeptide, and their corresponding pharmacological actions were shown in the study.
Hypoglycemic activity of fermented mushroom of Coprinus comatus rich in vanadium.
The Strategies for Increasing Cordycepin Production of Cordyceps Militaris by Liquid Fermentation
The aims of this review are to describe the biosynthetic pathway of cordycepin and summarize the strategies for increasing cordycepin production of Cordyceps militaris by liquid fermentation. In
Fucoxanthin: A Promising Medicinal and Nutritional Ingredient
The metabolism, safety, pharmacological activities, and the methods of improving the bioavailability of fucoxanthin are reported, providing essential background knowledge for development into marine drugs and nutritional products.
Ginsenosides: A Potential Neuroprotective Agent
The effects and mechanisms of ginsenosides on epilepsy, depression, cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease are reviewed to provide a theoretical basis for the treatment of nervous system diseases by gINSenosides.
Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Traditional Chinese Herb Pairs, Angelica sinensis and Sophora flavescens
The hypothesis that the anti-pimple and anti-eczema activities of Dangguikushen compound recipe are attributed to herb pairs, A. sinensis and S. flavescens, used in combination is supported.
Study on Transformation of Ginsenosides in Different Methods
In this paper, many methods of the transformation of ginsenoside were summarized, mainly including physical methods, chemical methods, and biotransformation methods, to provide the theoretical foundation for the transformation in vitro.
The Medicinal Values of Culinary-Medicinal Royal Sun Mushroom (Agaricus blazei Murrill)
In this review, various pharmacological effects of ABM are demonstrated so that it can be used against different diseases and provide reference for the study ofABM in the future.
The Pharmacological Properties of Salvia Essential Oils
Salvia essential oils isolated by hydrodistillation from the plant’s commercial dried aerial parts(Fig.1),have powerful biological activity and pharmacological properties. The oils contain more than
Isolation and biological activity of triglycerides of the fermented mushroom of Coprinus Comatus
TFC showed anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, peripheral antinociceptive and antihyperalgesic activity in various models of inflammatory pain and suggests that TFC may be a viable treatment option for inflammatory pain.