Chun-tao Man

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Being difficult to determine hidden units’s number and unsuitable to select central position in radial basis function (RBF) layer, Particle Swarm Optimization and Resource Allocation (RAN) were proposed for training RBF neural networks. First, determine units’s number in RBF layer using RAN. Then, optimize RBF parameters such as central(More)
Aiming at the priority inversion of the process scheduling, through the analysis of the process scheduling in Linux kernel, this paper mainly studies the reason leading to priority inversion and the mutex based on semaphore, it also makes priority inheritance protocol into operation through modified the mutex. The priority inheritance protocol of the mutex(More)
Optimal particle is regarded as effective information in process of vaccine extraction for immune particle swarm optimization algorithm, it falls into “local optimum” for complex function optimization, which influences convergence speed and convergence precision. With respect to this problem, a novel algorithm, KIPSO (KIPSO, K-means immune Particle Swarm(More)
In the process of searching for the optimal solution, particle swarm optimization algorithm falls into the local optimal easily. It affects the convergence precision of the algorithm. For the shortcoming of the algorithm, a new method, which the particles are fixed distribution to the search space, is proposed. It makes the distance among the particles,(More)
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