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Electrochemical Cycled Structure of MnV_2O_6 Nanoribbons Synthesized via Hydrothermal Route
1 Introduction Low-dimensional nanostructures, such as nanorods, nanowires, and nanotubes, have received much attention for their superior optical, electrical, catalytic and magnetic properties.
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Novel Manganese Coordination Polymer: 2,5-Bis(4-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-2,4-hexadiene
A new manganese coordination polymer 1, [Mn(H2O)4(L)]n(ClO4)2n·2nH2O·3nL (L = 2,5-bis(4-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-2,4-hexadiene), has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The crystal structureExpand
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Luminescent Property of a Novel 1-D Cadmium(II) Complex: [Cd_2(C_8H_3NO_6)_2(H_2O)_4]_n·2nH_2O
A novel one-dimensional chain-like coordination polymer constructed from 3-nitro- benzene-1,2-dicarboxylic acid, [Cd2(C8H3NO6)2(H2O)4]n·2nH2O, has been synthesized and its structure was determined byExpand
A Comprehensive Review of Accelerated Life Test
Accelerated life test (ALT) is an important branch of reliability test and is a focus of research both for statisticians and reliability engineers. The paper outlines the four topics of studyExpand
Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of Xuesaitong injection, a typical multiple constituent tradition Chinese medicine in patients with cerebral ischemia
Time course of Xuesaitong injection in cerebral ischemic patients was successfully predicted and simulated results suggested that better effects were obtained at the dosage of 800-1 200mg/d than 200-400 mg/d. Expand
An expression vector encoding the fusion protein IL6 /IL2 has been constructed.After the flexible linker was synthesized and conjugated with IL2 gene fragment by PCRamplification, the IL6 geneExpand
A Practical Parallel Algorithm for All-Pair Shortest Path Based on Pipelining
A parallel algorithm which resolves all-pair shortest path (APSP) problem on cluster environment is analyzed and designed and makes full use of overlapping technique between computation and communication. Expand
Apoptosis of Glioblastoma U251 Cells Induced by Carmustine Combined All-trans Retinoic Acid via Regulating Cyclin E and p27kip 1
The treatment of human glioblastoma U251 cells with a combination application of ATRA and BCNU can exert synergistic effect, the course of this kind of combination chemotherapy may likely be associated with multiple molecular mechanisms for apoptosis, furthermore, the cyclin E and p27kip 1 should be considered as novel targets for controlling the growth of gliOBlastoma cells. Expand
Preparation of ~(151)Sm Standards for AMS Measurement