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BACKGROUND MicroRNAs are important components of the regulatory network of biological systems and thousands have been discovered in both animals and plants. Systematic investigations performed in species with sequenced genomes such as Arabidopsis, rice, poplar and Brachypodium have provided insights into the evolutionary relationships of this class of small(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic neuropathic pain resulting from neuronal damage remains difficult to treat, in part, because of incomplete understanding of underlying cellular mechanisms. We have previously shown that inward Ca2+ flux (I(Ca)) across the sensory neuron plasmalemma is decreased in a rodent model of chronic neuropathic pain, but the direct consequence of(More)
Phosphorus (P) is essential for plant growth. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play a key role in phosphate homeostasis. However, little is known about P effect on miRNA expression in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). In this study, we used Illumina's next-generation sequencing technology to sequence small RNAs (sRNAs) in barley grown under P-deficient and P-sufficient(More)
Root branching is a fundamental phenotypic property of a root system. In this paper we present a system for the fully automated detection and classification of root tips in root images obtained either by 2D flat bed scanning or by 3D digital camera imaging. With our system we aim to provide a robust, efficient and accurate means of phenotyping of roots.(More)
Single-layered graphene has unique electronic, chemical, and electromechanical properties. Recently, graphite exfoliation in N-methylpyrrolidone and molten salt has been demonstrated to generate monolayer exfoliated graphene sheets (EGS). However, these solvents are either high-priced or require special care and have high boiling points and viscosities,(More)
This study demonstrates the fabrication and characterization of chicken egg albumen-based bio-memristors. By introducing egg albumen as an insulator to fabricate memristor devices comprising a metal/insulator/metal sandwich structure, significant bipolar resistive switching behavior can be observed. The 1/f noise characteristics of the albumen devices were(More)
The goal of this project was to investigate the effects and possible developmental disease implication of chronic dietary TCDD exposure on global gene expression anchored to histopathologic analysis in juvenile zebrafish by functional genomic, histopathologic and analytic chemistry methods. Specifically, juvenile zebrafish were fed Biodiet starter with TCDD(More)
Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have drawn tremendous attention on account of their numerous alluring properties and a wide range of application potentials. Here, we report that hydrophilic and hydrophobic N-doped GQDs can be prepared via exfoliating and disintegrating graphite flakes. Various spectroscopic characterizations including TEM, AFM, FTIR, PL, XPS,(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the position of the mandibular canal in relation to the buccal cortical bone in Chinese patients with three dentofacial relationships: normal dentition, retrognathism, and prognathism. METHODS Cone-beam computed tomography and lateral cephalograms of patients with normal dentation,(More)