Chun-Yuan Cheng

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This paper addresses the batch scheduling problem of unrelated parallel machines attempting to minimize the total weighted tardiness. Identical or similar jobs are typically processed in batches to decrease setup and/or processing times. Local dispatching rules such as the earliest weighted due date, the shortest weighted processing time, and the earliest(More)
The conventional SAR controller for accordingly. This design results in a smallest DLL applications is shown in this paper to have the possible phase error between external and internal problem of dead lock. With this problem, the DLLs clocks. However, our study will point out a serious adopting the SAR controller are useless because problem with this(More)
Roundness measurement has been a crucial issue of quality control in industry. This study proposes a roundness measuring method that applies the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (PSO) for computing the maximum inscribed circle (MIC). We first conducted a design of experiment with five PSO models, in which the impact of inertia weight, maximum velocity(More)
This paper addresses the open shop scheduling problem to minimize the total completion time, provided that one of the machines has to process the jobs in a given sequence. The problem is NP-hard in the strong sense even for the two-machine case. A lower bound is derived based on the optimal solution of a relaxed problem in which the operations on every(More)
An approach for generating dependent random variates with specdled margmrd distributions and measure of correlation is developed based upon an analogy between correlation and force. We first examine the mathematical transformation implied by thts analogy and attempt to construct a general algorithm for generating variates that have the desired properties.(More)
In this paper, we describe our approach to the English-Korean Cross-Lingual Link Discovery (CLLD) task in NTCIR 9. We propose a simple and effective approach to discover the links. Our method comprises preprocessing steps, anchor-target link mapping, and the ranking steps. For discovering the links, we use the English anchor names, the inter-language links,(More)