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BACKGROUND The present study was designed to investigate if hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a novel gasotransmitter, might have a regulatory effect on cardiac function and structure, as well as oxidative stress, in adriamycin (ADR)-induced cardiomyopathy. METHODS AND RESULTS Hemodynamic measurements, histopathological examination and stereological ultrastructural(More)
Transcription factors (TF) play important roles in plant growth and development, which determine crop productivity , quality, and stress tolerance. However, the basic mechanism governing transcription regulation by TF remains largely unclear in plants. It is well known that TF proteins contain at least two functional domains, the DNA-binding domain and the(More)
Activity-directed fractionation and purification processes were employed to identify xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitory compounds from the leaves of Perilla frutescens. The total extract was evaluated in vitro on XO inhibitory activity and in vivo in an experimental model with potassium oxonate-induced hyperuricemia in mice which was used to evaluate(More)
According to the research of LSB steganalysis, LSB steganography could destroy the distribution of 0 and 1 in the lowest bit planes, and this situation will cause the abnormality of histogram and asymmetry statistical, thereby left an opportunity that could be exploited to the steganalysis. From the view of steganalysis, this paper compared the two typical(More)
Stripe rust is one of major diseases in wheat production worldwide. The best economic and efficient method is to utilize resistant varieties. Alturas has high-temperature adult-plant resistance. In order to determine stripe rust resistance characteristics, resistance gene combination and molecular map of the resistance gene(s), Alturas was crossed with(More)
Remote-sensing data for protected areas in northern Togo, obtained in three different years (2007, 2000, and 1987), were used to assess and map changes in land cover and land use for this drought prone zone. The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) was applied to the images to map changes in vegetation. An unsupervised classification, followed by(More)
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