Chun-Yu Cho

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The generation of high-order Hermite-Gaussian (HG) beams at the Stokes wavelength in a YVO<sub>4</sub>/Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> self-Raman laser with off-axis pumping is demonstrated. The high-order vortex beams at the Stokes field are successfully created by transforming these HG modes via an extra-cavity mode converter. The stimulated Raman scattering (SRS)(More)
We construct a reliable actively Q-switched Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> laser to comparatively investigate the output performance of the second harmonic generation between the extracavity and intracavity configurations under a similar operated condition. It is experimentally found that the peak power at 532 nm obtained with the extracavity second harmonic generation(More)
A dual-wavelength laser at four-level and quasi-three-level transitions is demonstrated in a linear resonator. The compactly combined Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> crystals successfully improve the efficiency limitation for the dilemma between reabsorption loss and absorption reduction.
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