Chun Ying Liu

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PURPOSE Keratin 12 (K12) is a cornea epithelial cell-specific intermediate filament component. To provide a better understanding of its expression, it is necessary to identify and characterize the promoter of Krt1.12 gene. METHODS The 2.5-kb DNA 5' to Krt1.12 gene was sequenced. Krt1.12 promoter-beta-gal DNA constructs were prepared and used in vivo to(More)
Previous study showed that Trichinella spiralis proteasome subunit beta type-7 (Tspst) gene is an up-regulated gene in intestinal infective larvae (IIL) compared to muscle larvae (ML), which was screened by using suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) and confirmed by real-time PCR. Tspst may be related to the larval invasion of intestinal epithelial(More)
PURPOSE Lumican is a major proteoglycan of vertebrate cornea. This study characterizes mouse lumican, its molecular form, cDNA sequence, and chromosomal localization. METHODS Lumican sequence was determined from cDNA clones selected from a mouse corneal cDNA expression library using a bovine lumican cDNA probe. Tissue expression and size of lumican mRNA(More)
The excretory–secretory (ES) antigens from Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae are the most commonly used diagnostic antigens for trichinellosis, but specific IgG antibodies were not detected in early stage of infection. The aim of this study was to identify early diagnostic antigens from ES proteins of intestinal infective larvae (IIL), the first invasive(More)
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