Chun-Ying Juan

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This work presents a multi-channel high voltage analog multiplexer with digital calibration for battery management systems (BMS). For a high voltage battery management systems, the front end circuit must be able to accommodate input voltage up to tens of volts, perhaps even hundreds of volts. To realize a possible solution on silicon, the front end of BMS(More)
This paper proposes a high speed bidirectional mixed-voltage I/O buffer using 90 nm 1.2 V standard CMOS process. By using a dynamic gate bias generator to provide appropriate gate drive voltages for the output stage, the I/O buffer can transmit/receive voltage level signal without any gate-oxide overstress hazard. Most important of all, the gate-oxide(More)
This paper presents a temperature sensor with process compensation and second-order calibration for Battery Management Systems (BMS). Particularly, the second-order calibrated CTAT and PTAT sensors utilizing a current mirror and an nwell resistor are used to eliminate the second-order term of the temperature coefficient such that the relationship between(More)