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The success of Skype has inspired a generation of peer-to-peer-based solutions for satisfactory real-time multimedia services over the Internet. However, fundamental questions, such as whether VoIP services like Skype are good enough in terms of user satisfaction,have not been formally addressed. One of the major challenges lies in the lack of <i>an easily(More)
Online gaming is one of the most profitable businesses over the Internet. Among all genres of the online games, the popularity of the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) is especially prominent in Asia. Opting for a better understanding of the game traffic and the economic well being of the Internet, we analyze a 1,356-million-packet(More)
Cloud gaming is a promising application of the rapidly expanding cloud computing infrastructure. Existing cloud gaming systems, however, are closed-source with proprietary protocols, which raises the bars to setting up testbeds for experiencing cloud games. In this paper, we present a complete cloud gaming system, called GamingAnywhere, which is to the best(More)
We present the first open source cloud gaming system, called GamingAnywhere. In addition to its openness, we have designed, GamingAnywhere for high extensibility, portability, and reconfigurability. We implemented it on Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android. We conducted extensive experiments to evaluate its performance. Our experimental results indicate that(More)
— Online gaming is one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet. Among various threats to continuous player subscriptions, network lags are particularly notorious. It is widely known that frequent and long lags frustrate game players, but whether the players actually take action and leave a game is unclear. Motivated to answer this question, we(More)
—We study the problem of optimally adapting ongoing cloud gaming sessions to maximize the gamer experience in dynamic environments. The considered problem is quite challenging because: (i) gamer experience is subjective and hard to quantify, (ii) the existing open-source cloud gaming platform does not support dynamic reconfigurations of video codecs, and(More)
Cloud gaming, i.e., real-time game playing via thin clients, relieves players from the need to constantly upgrade their computers and deal with compatibility issues when playing games. As a result, cloud gaming is generating a great deal of interest among entrepreneurs and the public. However, given the large design space, it is not yet known which(More)
A fundamental design question to ask in the development of a network game is---<i>Which transport protocol should be used---TCP, UDP, or some other protocols?</i> Seeking an objective answer to the choice of communication protocol for MMORPGs, we assess whether TCP, a popular choice, is suitable for MMORPGs based on empirical evidence. To the best of our(More)
Keywords: Botnet Fuzzy pattern recognition Network security Real trace analysis a b s t r a c t Botnet has become a popular technique for deploying Internet crimes. Although signature-based bot detection techniques are accurate, they could be useless when bot variants are encountered. Therefore, behavior-based detection techniques become attractive due to(More)
Optimizing cloud gaming experience is no easy task due to the complex tradeoff between gamer quality of experience (QoE) and provider net profit. We tackle the challenge and study an optimization problem to maximize the cloud gaming provider's total profit while achieving just-good-enough QoE. We conduct measurement studies to derive the QoE and performance(More)