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OBJECTIVES to identify the factors that influence Hong Kong Chinese women's decision to have an elective caesarean section. To explore Chinese women's perceptions of their autonomous involvement in childbirth decision-making. DESIGN a qualitative exploratory design. SETTING a postnatal ward of a private hospital in Hong Kong. PARTICIPANTS a purposive(More)
OBJECTIVE To study when and how an urgent public health message about a boil-water order reached an urban population after the Massachusetts water main break. METHODS In-person surveys were conducted in waiting areas of clinics and emergency departments at a large urban safety net hospital within 1 week of the event. RESULTS Of 533 respondents, 97% were(More)
We developed a comprehensive set of quality-of-care indicators for the management of children with infantile spasms in the United States, encompassing evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention and management of side effects and comorbidities. The indicators were developed using the RAND/UCLA Modified Delphi Method. After a focused review of the(More)
To the Editor: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) acquired from animals causes severe pneumonia in humans, with some chains of human-to-human transmission, leading to large outbreaks. MERS-CoV is a cause of concern for global public health. The only natural host of MERS-CoV identified so far is the dromedary camel (Camel dromedarius)(More)
nated in death of the recruit 18 months after vaccination. In patients without underlying disease, cowpox infections manifest as self-healing diseases. However, in the absence of vaccination and among a population with increased numbers of immunocompromised persons, the risk for human poxvirus infections is increasing. Early diagnosis is essential for(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitalized patients in the United States experience falls at a rate of 2.6 to 17.1 per 1000 patient-days, with the majority occurring when a patient is moving to, from, and around the bed. Each fall with injury costs an average of US $14,000. OBJECTIVE The aim was to conduct a technology evaluation, including feasibility, usability, and user(More)
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