Chun-Yen Huang

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Digital watermarking is a useful solution for digital rights management systems, and it has been a popular research topic in the last decade. Most watermarking related literature focuses on how to resist deliberate attacks by applying benchmarks to watermarked media that assess the effectiveness of the watermarking algorithm. Only a few papers have(More)
We propose an interactive and procedural approach to developing a tool for modeling Chinese tings, a featured Chinese architecture. The procedural approach models a detailed 3D Chinese ting model efficiently. The movement of control-point with user guidance and interaction-clue provides a user-friendly GUI for intuitively constructing variant tings(More)
Odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV) is one of the most serious pathogens in the orchid industry. The production of virus-free orchid seedlings is the most efficient strategy to counter this virus problem. Therefore, an easy, efficient process to detect viruses is important to the orchid industry. One-step reverse transcription (RT) loop-mediated isothermal(More)
Gastrodia elata Blume (Orchidaceae) is an important Chinese medicine with several functional components. In the life cycle of G. elata, the orchid develops a symbiotic relationship with two compatible mycorrhizal fungi Mycena spp. and Armillaria mellea during seed germination to form vegetative propagation corm and vegetative growth to develop tubers,(More)
Tag and Seek is a location-based game which leads a traveler through Tainan City in Taiwan. The traveler's task is to find Harry's friends who are hiding at different sites in the city. Once at the site, the traveler has to scan a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag placed on a board looking like Harry's friend. When the NFC tag is scanned the lost friend is(More)