Chun Yan Yu

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Precise classification of tumors is critically important for cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is also a scientifically challenging task. Recently, efforts have been made to use gene expression profiles to improve the precision of classification, with limited success. Using a published data set for purposes of comparison, we introduce a methodology based(More)
The ability of high-resolution MR imaging (1.5 T) to detect invasion of the cavernous sinuses by pituitary adenoma was determined through a retrospective review of 74 patients. These patients were divided into three groups: 25 normal subjects, 24 subjects with invasive pituitary adenomas, and 25 subjects with noninvasive pituitary adenomas. A fourth group(More)
Extensive drug discovery efforts have yielded many approved and candidate drugs targeting various targets in different biological pathways. Several freely accessible databases provide the drug, target and drug-targeted pathway information for facilitating drug discovery efforts, but there is an insufficient coverage of the clinical trial drugs and the(More)
Technological advances and critical needs have led to a variety of smart devices designed for prevention and reduction of medication errors. The focus of this paper is on devices and tools that support medication administration for this purpose. They include smart medication carts, robots and dispensers for professionals, as well as smart dispensers for(More)
This paper presents the architecture and implementation of an automatic medication dispenser specifically for users who take medications without close professional supervision. By relieving the users from the error-prone tasks of interpreting medication directions and administrating medications accordingly, the device can improve rigor in compliance and(More)
The human kinome is one of the most productive classes of drug target, and there is emerging necessity for treating complex diseases by means of polypharmacology (multi-target drugs and combination products). However, the advantages of the multi-target drugs and the combination products are still under debate. A comparative analysis between FDA approved(More)
—Medication dispensers treated in this paper are designed to help improve compliance by users who live at homes and take medications over long periods of time. The paper first presents an overview of medication specifications that define constraints for dispensers and dispenser components that administer medications as specified. When given a specification(More)
To evaluate the putaminal influence on spinal motoneuron excitability, H-reflex recovery curve (HRRC) was studied in 24 patients with putaminal hemorrhage. Thirteen patients had increased facilitation, most significantly between 150 msec and 300 msec after the conditioning stimulus. It is proposed that putaminal dysfunction may cause an impairment in(More)
Population spikes were recorded from hippocampal CA3 of freely moving rats following stimulation of the perforant path. Six rats were trained to perform conditioned drinking behavior. (1) Animals were treated with electroshock in less than 15 minutes after daily training session for a period of 6 consecutive days. Synaptic efficacy did not increase and the(More)
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