Chun Xia Hu

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Nociception is an evolutionarily conserved mechanism to encode and process harmful environmental stimuli. Like most animals, Drosophila melanogaster larvae respond to a variety of nociceptive stimuli, including noxious touch and temperature, with stereotyped escape responses through activation of multimodal nociceptors. How behavioral responses to these(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a mice model with selective inactivation adenosine A2A receptors (A2ARs) in peripheral white blood cells (PWBC). METHODS A2ARs were selectively inactivated in PWBCs by transplanting bone marrow cells (BMCs) from A2AR knockout (KO) mice into their wild type (WT) littermates after a single total body irradiation of 9.5 Gy or(More)
K88 (F4) fimbrial adhesin, FaeG, was expressed extracellularly in Lactococcus lactis using a nisin-controlled gene expression system. The antibody response and protective efficacy of the recombinant bacteria (L. lactis [spNZ8048-faeG]) against live enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) C83549 challenge were evaluated in ICR mice. Mice vaccinated with L. lactis(More)
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