Chun Wing Kwok

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Single camera stereo system utilizes mirrors and a single camera for computational stereo, where the mirrors provide extra views needed for stereo and 3D reconstruction. In this paper, we investigate the basic epiploar geometric properties of the single camera stereo image and propose a novel image rectification technique to map the epipolar lines in the(More)
View synthesis offers a great flexibility in generating free viewpoint television (FTV) and 3D video (3DV). However, the depth-image-based view synthesis approach is very sensitive to errors in the camera parameters or poorly estimated depth maps (also called depth images). Because of these errors, three kinds of artifacts (blurring, contour, hole) are(More)
We present a novel convex-optimization approach to solving the dense stereo matching problem in computer vision. Instead of directly solving for disparities of pixels, by establishing the connection between a permutation matrix and a disparity vector, we directly formulate the stereo matching problem as a continuous convex quadratic program in a simple,(More)
3D Video has caught enormous attention in consumer market due to the progress in technical maturity of 3D displays, digital video broadcasts and computer vision algorithms. Video-plus-depth representation makes the concept of free viewpoint video feasible allowing the user to freely navigate within real world visual scenes. In this paper, we review the(More)
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