Chun-Wei R. Lin

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World economic development is moving rapidly making state-owned companies have to compete with foreign companies in order to win the global competition. ASEAN as a new economic community has a huge market potential in the communications business. In our analysis, PT Telkom Indonesia has potential because it has other business unit that also has a high(More)
The objective with the research at hand is to provide mobile operators with a business model proposal for mobile internet in emerging markets. To achieve this goal we have carried out an end user analysis on the consumer needs and demands in emerging markets. Here we have mapped out the requirements that end users have to mobile internet. Next, we have(More)
Vietnam is one of the most dynamic retail markets in the world, however, the modern retail channels have not really developed in Vietnam, especially the convenience store. The enterprise business convenience store in Vietnam, meanwhile, is still in the stage of shaping development strategies in this market. This study focuses on the organizational(More)
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