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Comparative Analysis of Roadway Reinforcement Effects Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling in the Fractured Zone of Water-Rich Fault
Water inrush is a common geological disaster during the roadway excavation process in the broken zone of water-rich faults. In this paper, the 15107 mining roadway built by Yuxing coal mine in such aExpand
[Association between cytotoxic T lymphocyte protein-4 polymorphisms and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma risk: a meta-analysis].
A meta-analysis suggests that the polymorphisms of the CTLA4 +49A/G, -318T/C, and CT60A/g polymorphisms are not associated with genetic susceptibility to NHL. Expand
Effects of sustained hypoxia on proliferation of mouse embryonic fibroblasts and preparation of feeder layers
摘要 背景:在传统的胚胎干细胞培养体系中,饲养层细胞制备和胚胎干细胞的培养扩增大都是在常氧条件下进行 的,氧培养条件的改变有可能影响饲养层细胞,从而改变胚胎干细胞的生长特性或分化能力,但尚未见到这 方面的系统研究报道。 目的:观察低氧培养对饲养层细胞及小鼠胚胎干细胞干性维持的影响。 方法:原代小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞分为常氧组(体积分数 20%O2)和低氧组(体积分数 5%O2)持续传代培养,绘制生Expand