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This paper addresses the problem of real-time rendering for objects with complex materials under varying all-frequency illumination and changing view. Our approach extends the triple product algorithm by using local-frame parameterization, spherical wavelets, per-pixel shading and visibility textures. Storing BRDFs with local-frame parameterization allows(More)
A neural network classification method has been developed as an alternative approach to the searchl organization problem of large molecular databases. Two artificial neural systems have been implemented on a Cray for rapid protein lnucleic acid classification of unknown sequences. The system employs a n-gram hashing function for sequence encoding and(More)
Figure 1 Sample results using our technique. Our method can handle complex materials, varying illumination and changing view. Here, models and the floors are mapped with SBRDFs. Illumination and viewpoint can be changed in real-time. From left to right, we demonstrate the effects of illumination change using an area light and the Grace Cathedral for the(More)
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