Chun Ting Fu

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An experimental system has been used to acquire Doppler color images using a linear transducer from an ultrasound scanner to reconstruct angle independent Doppler color (AIDC) images in normal carotid arteries in 21 volunteers. Images were first taken from relatively straight segments in the common carotid artery, and comparisons were made in a small area(More)
A multiple beam technique was utilized to obtain angle independent Doppler color images (AIDCI) using an ultrasonic scanner with a linear transducer. A quantitative study using steady flow models has been performed to evaluate the accuracy of this method in velocity measurements. The results show that the velocity amplitudes measured with this method(More)
Flow-cytometric analysis of acriflavin-Feulgen stained chicken erythrocytes shows a complex distribution of amounts of deoxyribonucleic acid fluorescence, the profile consisting of a main peak and a right hand shoulder. This bimodal distribution, an artifact characteristically seen on analysis of flattened cells using orthogonal flow systems, results from(More)
Doppler color imaging can easily render flow information within the vessels and simultaneously provide anatomic information for diagnostic purposes. However, the angle dependence problem of the Doppler velocity measurement is a significant barrier for continuing progress toward quantitative clinical applications of this technology. This paper presents a(More)
Subcircuit Extraction plays an important role in Computer-Aided-Design of digital circuits. With the rapid growth of wafer processing technologies, the integration is from very large scale to giga large scale. Therefore, to extract sub circuits from such large scale integration is computation-consuming problem. In this paper, we propose a parallel sub(More)
The correct identification of two-phase flow regime is the basis for the accurate measurement of other flow parameters in two-phase flow measurement. A PSO-SVM(Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine) model, which can overcome selecting parameters needed in SVM model, was developed to identify the flow regime. The application of PSO-SVM(More)
The identification of flow regime is the basis for measuring flow parameters in two-phase flow accurately. Because of the complexity of phase interaction in gas-liquid two-phase flow, it is difficult to discern its flow regime objectively. In this paper, the 208 measured data from electrical resistance tomography (ERT) are arranged into series based on(More)
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