Chun-Tao Zhang

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The serum samples and corresponding cervical swabs were collected from 50 women with genital warts from Tianjin city, China. The neutralizing antibodies against HPV-16, -18, -58, -45, -6 and -11 in serum samples were tested by using pseudovirus-based neutralization assays and HPV DNAs in cervical swabs were also tested by using a typing kit that can detect(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a national reference panel for HIV RNA diagnostic reagents. METHODS Sera from patients with HIV infection and healthy blood donors were collected and tested for HIV and HCV antibodies and HBsAg by using ELISA. The HIV antibody positive samples with ELISA were confirmed with HIV Blot 2.2 (Genelabs). The quantitative samples for HIV(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the sensitivity and specificity of Procleix HIV/HCV RNA diagnostic assay. METHODS HIV antibody positive or suspected positive plasmas of blood donors were collected from different provinces and detected with HIV antibody ELISA and HCV antibody ELISA. Samples positive for HIV by ELISA were confirmed by using HIV Blot. All the(More)
The CF(3) radical was generated from the reaction of S-(trifluoromethyl)diphenylsulfonium triflate with Na(2)S(2)O(4) or HOCH(2)SO(2)Na under suitable conditions without further reduction. Based on this, a method for the synthesis of α-trifluoromethylated ketones has been successfully developed.
In order to evaluate the immunogenicity of HPV 58 L1 DNA vaccines, five DNA vaccines had been constructed with pcDNA3.1 vector containing different L1 genes of HPV 58, which were designated as L1h, L1hDeltac, L1S, L1SM and L1wt. The protein expression of DNA vaccines in vitro was tested by Western blot. The ability of forming pseudovirus was evaluated by(More)
In this paper, the correlations between the variations of Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.) tree ring width in Shenyang suburb (Fu Mausoleum) and the local temperature variables, Global Surface Air Temperature Anomaly (GSATA) from 1880 to 2004, Global Land-Ocean Temperature (GLOTI) from 1880 to 2004 and North Hemisphere Temperature Anomaly (NHTA)(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the capacity of commercial HIV enzyme immunoassay (EIA) diagnostic kits to detect antibodies against different genotypes of HIV. METHODS HIV RNA was detected with RT-PCR from samples positive for HIV antibody. The purified PCR products were sequenced directly and the genotypes of HIV from samples were analyzed. The samples for(More)
To find out whether the mutations of HIV-1 Env have influence on the assembly of pseudovirus and their abilities to infect cells, site-directed mutation (A457D)was performed using cycling mutagenesis and selection of mutants with DpnI. Transformation and plasmid purification technologies were used to obtain mutated env clone. Then both the prototype and the(More)