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The L5 antigenic determinant was previously suggested to be a carbohydrate epitope present on murine cell recognition molecules in the developing brain and to be an early neural marker in the chick embryo. Here, we show that L5 immunoreactivity is associated with complex-type N-glycosidic oligosaccharides. To identify the carbohydrate structure recognized(More)
Neuroactivity of a number of flavonoids is mediated by modulation of type A gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA(A)) receptor function via benzodiazepine sites, mostly as partial agonists. In the present study, 6,2'-dihydroxyflavone (DHF) was characterized for potential inverse agonistic activity, and its mechanism of action was explored for receptor subtype(More)
A diversity of high-affinity oligosaccharide ligands are identified for NKR-P1, a membrane protein on natural killer (NK) cells which contains an extracellular Ca(2+)-dependent lectin domain. Interactions of such oligosaccharides on the target cell surface with NKR-P1 on the killer cell surface are crucial both for target cell recognition and for delivery(More)
The interaction between glycosphingolipids and recombinant human GM2-activator was studied in a microwell binding assay. A-series gangliosides like GM3, GM2 and GM1 were strongly bound by the recombinant human GM2 activator. A weak binding was observed to GD1b and sulfatide, while neutral glycolipids were not bound. Optimal binding occurred at pH 4.2 and(More)
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