Chun Shiang Chung

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Apoptosis of CD4(+) T cells and T(H)2 polarization are hallmarks of sepsis-induced immunoparalysis. In this study, we characterized sepsis-induced adaptive immune dysfunction and examined whether improving T-cell effector function can improve outcome to sepsis. We found that septic mice produced less antigen-specific T-cell-dependent IgM and IgG(2a)(More)
The technique of Rodbell (J. Biol. Chem. 239: 375) was modified considerably in order to isolate swine adipocytes without rupturing large cells. Cell size and diameter distributions were the same for adipocytes fixed with OsO4 following isolation with collagenase and adipoctes liberated from OsO4-fixed adipose tissue slices. Lipogenic rates were greater for(More)
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