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Global motion estimation (GME) is an important technique in video processing, segmentation, and compression. In this correspondence, we propose a GME algorithm that offers improved accuracy especially in the presence of large-scale zoom. The proposed algorithm is derived from the observation that there exists an ambiguity between translation and zoom for(More)
In this paper, a region-based method is proposed for frame rate up-conversion. To reduce spatial discontinuities and mitigate deformed structures commonly seen in block-based motion-compensated frame interpolation approaches, the proposed method interpolates frames based on depth-ordered moving regions. We develop a 3-parameter motion model to describe(More)
OBJECTIVE To screen and characterize the aptamer of Escherichia coli outer member protein tolC. METHODS By using the recombinant E.coli outer member protein tolC for the screening target, oligonucleotides which were capable of specifically binding to the protein were screened from a random oligonucleotide library through the stematic evolution of ligand(More)
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