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Content-aware image resizing is a kind of new and effective approach for image resizing, which preserves image content well and does not cause obvious distortion when changing the aspect ratio of images. Recently, a seam based approach for content-aware image resizing was proposed by Avidan and Shamir. Their results are impressive, but because the method(More)
In this paper, we address the issue of extracting contour of the object with a specific shape. A hierarchical graphical model is proposed to represent shape variations. A complex shape is decomposed into several components which are described as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based models in various levels. The hierarchical representation allows for(More)
Low rank and sparse representation based methods, which make few specific assumptions about the background, have recently attracted wide attention in background modeling. With these methods, moving objects in the scene are modeled as pixel-wised sparse outliers. However, in many practical scenarios, the distributions of these moving parts are not truly(More)