Chun-Ni Wang

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Autapse plays an important role in regulating the electric activity of neuron by feedbacking time-delayed current on the membrane of neuron. Autapses are considered in a local area of regular network of neurons to investigate the development of spatiotemporal pattern, and emergence of spiral wave is observed while it fails to grow up and occupy the network(More)
Keywords: Spiral wave Breakup Factor of synchronization Hodgkin–Huxley neurons Channel noise Regular networks a b s t r a c t An additional gradient force is often used to simulate the polarization effect induced by the external field in the reaction–diffusion systems. The polarization effect of weak electric field on the regular networks of Hodgkin–Huxley(More)
Ca 2+ spiral wave is observed in a large number of cell types. Based on a Ca 2+ model presented by Atri et al., the propagation and synchronization of the intracellular Ca 2+ spiral waves are numerically studied and some interesting results are obtained. (i) The largest Lyapunov exponents versus bifurcation parameter is calculated to investigate the(More)
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