Chun-Lin Mai

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The effect of bone bonding (KG Cera, Mina 13, and titanium) and nonbone bonding (KGy-213, M 8/1) implants on primary calcification in endosteal bone was examined by comparing changes in the morphometry of matrix vesicles to those occurring during normal bone healing following ablation of rat tibial marrow. The concentration of matrix vesicles, their(More)
Schwannoma is well-known as a benign tumor originating from the Schwann cells, which produce insulating myelin sheath to cover peripheral nerves. It could occur in any nerve region, typically in the extremities, spinal cord and central nervous system (1). In the literature, only few cases of rectal schwannoma have been reported (2-8). The surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is often accompanied by short-term memory deficit and depression. Currently, it is believed that short-term memory deficit and depression are consequences of chronic pain. Here, we test the hypothesis that the symptoms might be caused by overproduction of interleukin-1beta (IL-1β) in the injured nerve independent of neuropathic pain(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the changes of corneal nerves in diabetes mellitus. METHODS Alloxan-induced diabetes in rabbits was used as the experimental model. Histochemical techniques and electron microscopy were applied to examine the corneal nerves. RESULTS In the diabetic rabbits, from 6 weeks, the density of nerve plexus became markedly sparser, the(More)
The effect of pure commercial titanium implants on the process of primary mineralization was studied. This was examined by insertion of titanium implants into rat tibial bone after ablation. The effects of the titanium were studied through the behaviour of extracellular matrix vesicles (MV). Methods of morphometric analysis at the TEM level were applied.(More)
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