Chun-Kit Kwong

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Component based software development (CBSD) is well acknowledged as a methodology which establishes reusability of software and reduce development cost effectively. While developing enterprise application using component based software engineering (CBSE) methods, software component selection plays a very important role in the process of component retrieval,(More)
Quality function deployment (QFD) is a well-known customer driven system and tool for planning and managing new product development. House of quality (HOQ) is used to translate customer requirements (CRs) into each stage of a product development in QFD. In the conventional QFD model, constant coefficients are employed to present the relationships between(More)
Differential evolution (DE) is a simple but powerful evolutionary algorithm, which has been widely and successfully used in many areas. In this paper, an impulsive control method is introduced to the DE framework, and the impulsive DE (IpDE) is proposed for improving the performance of DE. The impulsive control operation instantly moves the individuals(More)
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