Chun-Kai Chang

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This study extended the computation of GLCM (gray level co-occurrence matrix) to a three-dimensional form. The objective was to treat hyperspectral image cubes as volumetric data sets and use the developed 3D GLCM computation algorithm to extract discriminant volumetric texture features for classification. As the kernel size of the moving box is the most(More)
Existing multi-robot cooperative perception solutions can be mainly classified into two categories, measurement-based and belief-based, according to the information shared among robots. With well-controlled communication, measurement-based approaches are expected to achieve theoretically optimal estimates while belief-based approaches are not because the(More)
In this paper, an integrated water turbidity detection<sup>&#x2020;</sup>. method on dam gate is proposed. Based on multi-spectral image analysis and the transmitted power analysis of immersed optical fiber, the quality of water used for waterpower generator can be inspected automatically thus to protect the power generator from damage due to silt.(More)
Given two sets of videos captured by two sets of multiple cameras, we like to combine them to create a new stereo scene with the foreground objects from one set of video and the background from the other set. We address the camera parameter mismatch and camera orientation mismatch problems in this paper. We propose a floor model to adjust the camera(More)
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