Chun-Ju Yang

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Functional rectification in late design stages has been a crucial process in modern complex system design. This paper proposes a robust functional ECO engine, which applies SAT proof minimization and interpolation techniques to automate patch construction to make old implementation and golden specification functionally equivalent. The SAT proof minimization(More)
Peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction methods for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems commonly use four times oversampling for the discrete-time OFDM signal to approximate the peak of the continuous-time OFDM signal. However, the four times oversampling process increases the computational complexity. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Typical L-type photonic crystal (PC) microcavities have a dynamic range of approximately 3-4 orders of magnitude in biosensing. We experimentally demonstrated that multiplexing of PC sensors with different geometry can achieve a wide dynamic range covering 6 orders of magnitude with potential for 8 or more orders with suitable optimization.
Constrained random simulation is becoming the mainstream methodology in functional verification. In order to achieve the verification closure, a high-throughput and evenly-distributed constrained random pattern generator has become a must. In this paper, we propose a novel Range-Splitting heuristic and a Solution-Density Estimation technique (RSSDE) to(More)
  • Zheng Wanga, Hai Yanb, +9 authors Ray T. Chena
  • 2015
Integrating photonic waveguide sensors with microfluidics is promising in achieving high-sensitivity and cost-effective biological and chemical sensing applications. One challenge in the integration is that an air gap would exist between the microfluidic channel and the photonic waveguide when the micro-channel and the waveguide intersect. The air gap(More)
Constrained random simulation is becoming the mainstream methodology to verify system-wide properties in functional verification. It is a must to develop a high-throughput constrained random pattern generator, which is able to support arbitrary distribution. In this paper, we propose a novel range-splitting heuristic and a solution-density estimation(More)
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