Chun-Ju Yang

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Functional rectification in late design stages has been a crucial process in modern complex system design. This paper proposes a robust functional ECO engine, which applies SAT proof minimization and interpolation techniques to automate patch construction to make old implementation and golden specification functionally equivalent. The SAT proof minimization(More)
Constrained random simulation is becoming the mainstream methodology in functional verification. In order to achieve the verification closure, a high-throughput and evenly-distributed constrained random pattern generator has become a must. In this paper, we propose a novel Range-Splitting heuristic and a Solution-Density Estimation technique (RSSDE) to(More)
The DEM generalization is the basis of multi-dimensional observation, the basis of expressing and analyzing the terrain. DEM is also the core of building the Multi-Scale Geographic Database. Thus, many researchers have studied both the theory and the method of DEM generalization. This paper proposed a new method of generalizing terrain, which extracts(More)
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