Chun-Jing Xiang

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The effects of schisandrin B (Sch B) on liver and serum lipid contents were investigated in mice with experimentally-induced hypercholesterolaemia. Hypercholesterolaemia was induced either by oral administration of a cholesterol/bile salts mixture (2/0.5 g kg(-1)) for four days or by feeding a high fat/cholesterol/bile salts (10/1/0.3%, w/w) diet for seven(More)
Effects of the cholinesterase inhibitors tacrine and bis(7)- tacrine (0.25-20 micromol/kg, s.c.) on locomotor activity and passive-avoidance response were investigated in mice treated with scopolamine (SCP, 1 or 5 micromol/kg, i.p.), using an open-field test and step-through task with a 24-hour retention interval. Drugs were given 30 min prior to the first(More)
Bicyclol is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in China. In this study, the effects of bicyclol (100 or 300 mg kg(-1), p.o.) on serum and liver lipid contents were investigated in both normal and experimentally induced hypercholesterolaemic mice. Hypercholesterolaemia was induced by either oral administration of cholesterol/bile salt or feeding a(More)
Effects of the ethanol extract of Fructus Schisandrae (EtFSC) on serum and liver lipid contents were investigated in mice fed with high fat/cholesterol (HFC) diet for 8 or 15 days. The induction of hypercholesterolemia by HFC diet caused significant increases in serum and hepatic total cholesterol (TC) levels (up to 62% and 165%, resp.) and hepatic(More)
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