Chun-Jing Xiang

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Effects of the cholinesterase inhibitors tacrine and bis(7)- tacrine (0.25-20 micromol/kg, s.c.) on locomotor activity and passive-avoidance response were investigated in mice treated with scopolamine (SCP, 1 or 5 micromol/kg, i.p.), using an open-field test and step-through task with a 24-hour retention interval. Drugs were given 30 min prior to the first(More)
Effects of the ethanol extract of Fructus Schisandrae (EtFSC) on serum and liver lipid contents were investigated in mice fed with high fat/cholesterol (HFC) diet for 8 or 15 days. The induction of hypercholesterolemia by HFC diet caused significant increases in serum and hepatic total cholesterol (TC) levels (up to 62% and 165%, resp.) and hepatic(More)
  • Andersen, O K Liechtenstein, O Paulsen, F Lda, Wu, C Xiang +21 others
  • 2003
of numerous theoretical treatments of the physics of high-temperature superconductors, in both the normal and superconduct-ing states, but until now their presence had never been directly confirmed experimentally. This locally non-dispersive structure has been invoked, for example, to explain the striking differences observed between the in-plane and(More)
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