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Exposure of rats to a cat odor block in a previously familiarized situation was followed by three extinction days to the same or a different situation, and with or without an identical but odor-free block, and, testing in the original apparatus with an odor-free block (cue). Initial exposure produced risk assessment (stretch attend), avoidance of the block,(More)
Lesions of the dorsal premammillary nucleus (PMd) have been reported to produce dramatic reductions in responsivity of rats to a live cat. Such lesions provide a means of analyzing the potentially differential neural systems involved in different defensive behaviors, and the relationship between these systems and concepts such as anxiety. Rats with(More)
The estrogen-induced renal tumor in the hamster has emerged as a major animal model in hormonal carcinogenesis. However, a fundamental aspect of this experimental model has as yet not been investigated. In the present study, comparisons between the serum and tissue 17 beta-estradiol (E2) levels in cyclic female hamsters and corresponding hormone levels in(More)
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