Chun-Hway Hsueh

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MOTIVATION Prokaryotic genome annotation has been focused mainly on identifying all genes and their protein functions. However, <30% of the prokaryotic genomes submitted to GenBank contain partial repeat features of specific types and none of the genomes contain complete repeat annotations. Deciphering all repeats in DNA sequences is an important and open(More)
The optical antennas have the potential in various applications because of their field enhancement and directivity control. The directivity of a dipole antenna can be improved by directivity-enhanced Raman scattering structure, which is a combination of a dipole antenna and a ring reflector layer on a ground plane. The concentric rings can collect the light(More)
We introduce the concept of optical control of the fluorescence yield of CdSe quantum dots through plasmon-induced structural changes in random semicontinuous nanostructured gold films. We demonstrate that the wavelength- and polarization dependent coupling between quantum dots and the semicontinuous films, and thus the fluorescent emission spectrum, can be(More)
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