Chun-Hwa Choe

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We introduce the concept of a spline resampling in the particle filter to deal with the high accuracy and the sample impoverishment. The resampling is usually based on a linear transformation on the weights of the particles, so it affects the accurate filtering. The spline resampling consists of two parts: the spline transformation of weights and the spread(More)
Human eye perceives an object as the entity with global information and local information. Human salience is distinctive local information in matching pedestrians across disjoint camera views, and matching on overall foreground guarantees reliable and robust identification. In this paper, we propose a strategy for the matching of mean salience to identify(More)
This paper first introduces the concept of a geogram that captures richer features to represent the objects. The spatiogram contains some moments upon the coordinates of the pixels corresponding to each bin, while the geogram contains information about the perimeter of grouped regions in addition to features in the spatiogram. Then we consider that a(More)
The association approaches of particle filter (PF) and kernel based object tracking (KBOT) are widely used in visual tracking. Specially, a compact association approach is proposed, which is based on an incremental Bhattacharyya dissimilarity (IBD) and condition number. It is advanced approach, but this paper found that it cannot guarantee the stable(More)
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