Chun-Hung Steven Lin

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The unique functionalities of nanoscale structures in the natural world are an inspiration to the development of new nano-manufacturing techniques. For example, the cornea of the moth's eye features a sub-wavelength natural antireflective architecture. To date, almost all optical research into moth eye structures has been focused on their antireflective(More)
A CO(2) laser was used in combination with a conventional plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system to assist the decomposition of SiH(4) molecules and to grow Si nanoclusters embedded in Si oxide films. The compositional and structural properties of the grown films were characterized by energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) and Fourier transformation(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I owe my deepest gratitude to my advisor, Katie Byl, for all her guidance and encouragement and for all the patience she had with me. I learned from her the importance of independently thinking, and how to break down the problems into small part, no matter how hard it looks like at first. I feel lucky to learn those things early because(More)
Despite chip-package interaction (CPI) has been extensively used in nano-electronics industry, impact of CPI stress on transistor performance and reliability remains unclear. In this work, performance change of transistor featuring HK/MG planar and FinFET by 4-point bending experiments were conducted to study stress evolution. Finite-element modeling (FEM)(More)
Reliability analysis is performed for various redistribution layer (RDL) interconnect patterns. Five different RDL patterns are designed to examine die pitch, line length, line width, dummy block, and die edge/corner effects on RDL reliability. Temperature dependent material properties, grain growth induced stress, thermal mismatch stress, and plastic(More)
An ultra sensitive approach to detect the sub femtomolar DNA by using electrical detection method on a DNA biochip has been developed. The system provides high selectivity with sensitivity which is comparable to nano-gap-electrode detection approaches without the need of PCR amplification. Because bio-bar-code DNA approach is a pseudohomogeneous system with(More)
Argon fluoride laser (ArF) lithography using immersion technology has the potential to extend the application of optical lithography to 45 nm half-pitch and possibly beyond. By keeping the same 4x magnification factor, the dimensions of the structures on masks are becoming comparable to the exposure wavelength or even smaller. The polarization effect(More)
A constant off-time peak-current-mode LED driver circuit provides not only accurate LED current control, but also relatively high power conversion efficiency, and is simple in circuitry. However, there is a feedback instability problem associated with the control scheme in practical circuits. A stability analysis concludes that the sample-and-hold device(More)
An advanced 3D sample preparation technique is utilized to prepare TEM lamellas for tracing the partial dislocation site by plan view and observing the details and failure types by further cross-section milling. Primary twins which twin with Σ = 3, {11 1̅} are the major structural defects in STI structure. These instructions give you basic(More)
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