Chun Hui Suen

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This paper presents a scheme to optimize the mapping of HPC applications to a set of <i>hybrid</i> dedicated and cloud resources. First, we characterize application performance on dedicated clusters and cloud to obtain application signatures. Then, we propose an algorithm to match these signatures to resources such that performance is maximized and cost is(More)
As cloud computing and virtualization technologies become mainstream, the need to be able to track data has grown in importance. Having the ability to track data from its creation to its current state or its end state will enable the full transparency and accountability in cloud computing environments. In this paper, we showcase a novel technique for(More)
—Cloud computing is emerging as an alternative to supercomputers for some of the high-performance computing (HPC) applications that do not require a fully dedicated machine. With cloud as an additional deployment option, HPC users are faced with the challenges of dealing with highly heterogeneous resources, where the variability spans across a wide range of(More)
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