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The anti-HIV-1 activity of mangiferin was evaluated. Mangiferin can inhibit HIV-1(Ⅲ)(B) induced syncytium formation at non-cytotoxic concentrations, with a 50% effective concentration (EC₅₀) at 16.90 μM and a therapeutic index (TI) above 140. Mangiferin also showed good activities in other laboratory-derived strains, clinically isolated strains and(More)
In present study, the performance and separation characteristics of 21 macroporous resins for the enrichment and purification of deoxyschizandrin and γ-schizandrin, the two major lignans from Schisandra chinensis extracts, were evaluated. According to our results, HPD5000, which adsorbs by the molecular tiers model, was the best macroporous resin, offering(More)
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